Monday, May 3, 2010


Shot by Jamie MacFayden, the client decided to reuse this image but now needed a vertical format, a difficult image extension as perspective of the decking cannot be stretched but needed to be drawn in at the right angle plank by plank. Also had to illustrate some legs on the bbq.


Brief: create from scratch a dissolving tablet in the shape of text supplied. My good friend and ex Phototechnica colleague and a die hard film advocate shot a tablet dissolving for me on 5x4 format and I used this as a reference for texture and effervescence


Photographer Geoff Lung had a rotten weather day and no time left. My commission, make it summery and appetizing, featured on my website


Top shot is the original unretouched image.
This was originally retouched in house . The client was unhappy with the reproduction which was very muddy and I was called in to redo the post work with the emphasis on the sofa reproducing as clean and crisp as possible. I would have to say this is very common now, I no longer know any retouchers that were actually trained in the art of press re-pro, a lost art along with all the film separation guys.


Original Image is on top, from around 10 images supplied at varies exposures I had to comp in sky, water, and create the mood, Jason Loucas, the Photographer had a clear vision of the dramatic image he wanted, it became a little more complicated when the client advised they needed image on the left to fit their add format which ended up being more than a third, a major effort requiring illustration skills.


A recent project for Channel Nine, Warner Bros supplied the illustration of the ship, which then had to be stripped into a library shot of Sydney plus extra shots for water, foreground, and sky, then manipulated to match the style and lighting of this new Sci Fi TV series ( a remake of the original 70's show) I had to do the same for Brisbane and Melbourne. These where intended for billboard but I never saw one actually up, did anyone out there see this in print?


Photographer Steven Chee shot this campaign, can't remember what it was for, I had to create the zip effect.

Fashion 3

Client Lisa Ho wanted to use this shot on the left but change the dress to a semi see through gauze white,not as easy as it may look.

Fashion 2

Photographer Fabrizio Lapari shot this Betts campaign and I was commissioned to do the post work. The Ad Agency wanted the ability to reposition the talent to fit different formats so all had to be stripped in and kept as layers. The tricky part was achieving the transparency of the clothes allowing background to show through and all flyaway hair to work against any background changes made. The key method to making this work was the use of blending modes and masking.


I get this quite often, no detail in the blacks. Unlike the problem of a digital image being blown out this is easily remedied, there is an amazing amount of detail hidden in the digital data and with a few masks and blending modes its soon fixed.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


A tricky masking problem. Brief was to make the text more legible