Friday, December 5, 2014

The Answers to the image riddle.
All images © mike cockcroft
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John Lennon is supposed to have chosen Jesus and Hitler as
his first choices for the cover of Sgt Peppers. They didn't made it to the cover.

Hitler is carrying Maxwell's silver hammer (track 3).

Paul McCartney, as per Abbey Road cover, holding a cigarette in his left hand.

George Harrison, the  Beatle most influenced by trips to India

Polythene Pam (track 12)

Ringo Starr

John Lennon, with his round spectacles.

Carry that weight  (track 15)
Her Majesty ( track 17)

Golden Slumbers (track 14)

Mahatma Ghandi, here with spectacles and the indian flag on his back. Another Beatle choice for Sgt Peppers that did not make the cut. It was in the original photograph but was airbrushed out at EMI request.

The L G on the wings stand for Leo Gorcey, an American comic actor also on the Beatles list for Sgt Peppers. He it made onto the photograph but was also airbrushed out due to his demand for a $400 fee for use of his image. EMI declined to pay.

You never give me your money (track 9)

 Mean Mr Mustard (track 11)
Sun King, shape of a crown as a highlight on the apple ( track 10)

She came in through the bathroom window. window shape reflected in Apple. ( track 13)

Octopus's Garden ( track 5)
Also the silver spoon from track 13

Come together (track 1 )

Here comes the sun (track 7)
Also Yoko Ono, whom many fans blame for the Beatles break up.

I want you (She so Heavy) cracks in the floor (track 6)

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